Upper Lusatian House in Grabiszyce Średnie

Grabiszyce Średnie

The Upper Lusatian house in Grabiszyce Średnie (Middle Gerlachsheim) is an example of the typical architecture of the Lusatian region on the border between the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. It is characterised by a structural system that makes the walls of the building independent of the roof and is based on a post-and-frame structure. The use of Umgebinde was related to the weaving mill housed in the main room, which caused strong vibrations that could affect the stability of the building. In later years, the timber-framing construction was hidden under the plaster, so the restoration required deep penetration into the building structure and exposure of the elements preserved on the south side, as well as reconstruction of the west wall. Old carpentry and masonry techniques, including a mixture of clay and straw to fill the half-timbered fields and clay plaster, have been used in the renovation. The 1st prize 2020