Church of St. Matthew in Uniemyśl


The evangelical Church of St. Matthew is located in the centre of the village of Uniemyśl (Berthelsdorf) near Lubawka. The Baroque building was erected in the years 1748-1749. Its builder was Josef Antoni Jentsch, who was also involved in the reconstruction of the basilica in Krzeszów. Josef and his father Kaspar contributed to the creation of the characteristic features of Baroque churches in the Sudetenland. The church burnt down in 1972 and remained a ruin for many years. In 2013, the church and the surrounding cemetery were taken over by the Stowarzyszenie Doliny Zadrny/ Zadrna Valley Association, which undertook to renovate the building and create a secular space for cultural activities initiated by the local community. Recognition 2020